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 WEISSENBORN STYLES                                                              [esp.]

Style 4

The most "eye-catching" instrument buit by Hermann C.Weissenborn. Style 4 is similar to Style 3, with added rope binding around the peghead and back, and a triangle inlay between the nut and the first fret. They´re also the best preserved of all models, as they were developed a little later than the rest. Even though 20 years is not much, you might notice that with usual good care, these are often in better shape than other styles.

The styles clasification is about ornaments on weissenborn guitars. We´ve been showing what´s called the weissenborn shape one. Herman C. Weissenborn also built other models but the same classification may work for the others (Kona´s, anyway, style 4 and 3 mostly, as they were developed at Weissenborn´s latter days (few style 1 were early made) and teardrop´s, style 1).

Kona guitar, wich adopts the standard weissenborn shape but doesn´t have its neck fully hollow. Its body, as well, is a little deeper that the other ones.

Teardrop weissenborns have no "weissenborn" standard shape at all, as their body takes a pear shape, or a drop shape. They´re style 1 with no ornaments. Hermann Weissenborn could have developed this shape at end of 20´s, at the Depression era, as they require less wood for being made.

As far as we know, today are being rebuilt teardrop shapes and standard weissenborn shapes. Kona guitars, even they´re being used as well by some artists, specially Ben Harper, are not so popular still. Only Bear Creek includes them on their catalogue (that we´ve actually found out).


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